Friday, July 10, 2009

Whispered secrets

My neighbors have known each other since early high school. They married young and have raised three beautiful children. They have the kind of relationship that makes others sit back and think about whispered secrets. They know each other's thoughts, moods, and dreams. They communicate by looking at each other and often have disjointed conversations that seem meaningless to outsiders in a position to witness it. It's a true friendship in every sense of the word. They epitomize the concept of "I've got your back".

My husband and I often have to beat each other over the head to convey the meaning of our conversations! We are both going deaf and the idea of whispered secrets is laughable at best. As age sets in, we've become so easily distracted that it could be several minutes before we realize that the other has been speaking! We have separate interests, we have shared interests. We argue more than not. We make each other laugh, we make each other crazy. We may not always know each other's thoughts, and we definitely don't have the ability to communicate silently! but...we always have each other's back...and that's just as good as having whispered secrets.......just louder :)

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