Thursday, July 9, 2009

He was as alone as alone can be.....

The breeze is blowing, the sunshine is warm , the laundry is blowing in the wind, and the insects are making lazy circles over the sluggishly gurgling fountain. It's another lazy summer day in Michigan.
We have a family of hawks that took up residence in our trees four years ago. Every spring they return to build a nest and lay eggs. They typically have two babies each year. The babies make lots of noise and cavort around our yard.
I've started calling the section of my garden beneath the hawk nest , "the hawk garden". I've come to realize that the endless sticks dropped onto my plants from the nest are beyond my ability to control. I therefore have given that piece of the garden over to the hawks. More than likely it belonged to them long before our neighborhood was developed anyway.
My empty bird feeders are also a concession to the hawk family. While I understand their predatory nature, I refuse to draw their prey to my yard by feeding the poor unsuspecting cardinals, blue jays, finches, and wrens that used to populate my trees. The hawks seem content to locate their own food.
My feeders look lonely standing in the shade. Lonely sentinels wondering what their true purpose in life might be.....

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