Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Blank Slate!

Here it is! Stripped down to its barest elements, my studio!

I can't tell you how good it feels to have the smoke and debris pulled out of there. I feel as though I can breathe now when I go to the house. I'm focusing my thoughts on colors and function these days. When I created my previous studio, I used things that were a part of our home. I re purposed furniture and containers, and made due with what we had. It was perfect and I loved every inch of it. I am now in a position of replacing old with new. It's an interesting position for someone who focuses on the old and worn to create art.

Form and function war with aesthetics. I know that I want lots of counter space and plenty of storage. I plan to focus on canvas storage, box storage, and finding a home for all of my found objects. I'll need containers for paint and buckets for paper ephemera. I want it to look funky and fun and indulgent. I want my twinkle lights back and my crystals hanging from the new ceiling fan. Well okay, I guess I'm still describing my original space! It really WAS perfect for me! One change that I have been contemplating though, is to have a really cool french door (rather than the regular interior stock doors I have on the rest of the rooms) and I want to paint it purple! That's okay isn't it? :)