Sunday, March 7, 2010

My husband is multi-faceted in his creative talents.. He is a documentary film maker, a writer, an outstanding editor, and a photographer. He reently had three photos accepted in a local gallery showing. He's very talented. He is responsible for all of my blog posting photos. Way to go Michael!!

These photos were taken one very frosty Michigan morning. Michael went to a local park to find beauty while I laid in bed complaining about the cold!

This photo was published in Stampington and Company's Life Images magazine last year!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here is the farm house in color!
More pictures of Auntie Em's farm! I love the popsicle stick shingles Veronica created. They look so authentic. The wood of the farmhouse is worn and fits the era of farmers depicted in the movie.

Dorothy is wondering where Toto went :)

Off to See the Wizard!

Yea!! Another successful art swap with my friend from Virginia Beach! Veronica and I met online when she discovered my blog. We have been swapping art for almost a year now. We started with ATC cards and have just completed our first mixed media piece. We take turns choosing a theme. This time was Veronica's turn and she chose favorite movies. The twist was, that we would create a piece for each other's favorite movie rather than our own. Veronica's favorite movie is "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I created a piece for her based on that theme. I will post pictures of my work in my next posting. One of my favorite movies is "The Wizard of Oz". Veronica created this really fun piece depicting the tornado that initially takes Dorothy to the Land of Oz! There is so much movement and energy in this piece that I feel as though it's going to take off from my mantel (where it is proudly displayed) at any time! My husband is a wiz (no pun intended ) with Photoshop and I asked him to help me convey that energy in a photo. Well, he came through as usual! I have included two versions of the photo of my amazing house from Kansas. One is in black and white with some color shining through (because as everyone knows Dorothy does not experience color until she reaches Oz) and one in color. I love how Michael made it look as though the assemblage is actually caught up in a twister and I love the work that Veronica did to send me such a wonderful representation of my favorite movie. Has anyone seen Toto?............