Saturday, June 26, 2010


As a college freshman, I wanted to major in art.  I took several art classes at the local community college and loved everything I was exposed to.  After two years, it was time for me to transfer to a four year university.  That was when my mom informed me that I would never be able to support myself through my art and should therefore choose a major that would allow me to earn a decent living.  She wasn't trying to be hurtful, she just wanted to ensure my ability to be independent.  My mom was one of the original bra burners on our block, working full time when all the other moms were baking cookies and playing with various hair dyes.  She never wanted me to become dependent on a man to survive.  I took her advice to heart and transferred to a field that eventually led me to teaching.  Mom died three years ago and I have retired from teaching. 

Thirty-two years later, I am venturing out into the world of art to see what I can do.  I registered my business with the county on Thursday and made it official.  Legacy Mixed Media is now a reality.  I know that I am not the first human to be plagued with self-doubt based on comments made by well-meaning parents in our past.  I keep hearing mom's voice asking "how are you going to support yourself?"  Still working on an answer to that question. The good news Mom, is that I have a pension, the more important news is that I have to soon as I get those voices to quiet down .....:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before Mugs....

I made this little bird out of air dry clay, vintage text, and rusted wire.  I loved him!  He looked so cute sitting on my windowsill.  I use the past tense of "look" because he now has no head.  My demon rescue puppy, Mugsy, climbed onto the counter top and pulled my little bird off of the sill above the sink.  He then proceeded to eat the bird's head.  Ironically, a few days later, Mugs brought in a baby bird from the yard.  The bird was no longer breathing. We sincerely hope that happened before Mugs found him.  I have now lost a total of six art projects to my little guy.  I could be bitter, but he's so adorable that I prefer to think that Mugsy is simply appreciating my work in the only way he knows eating it :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


April 17th!  That was the last time I posted on this blog!  So much has changed in that time.  My youngest graduated from U of M (he's heading to school in Florida in August), my oldest has found a career he enjoys apprenticing with a finish carpenter, and I have retired from teaching!  Difficult economic times have forced our districts and legislators in Michigan to take measures to "encourage" older teachers to retire as a cost saving effort.  I'm only 54 and had not thought to retire for another couple of years.  Work has been stressful though and I decided to take a leap of faith.  I have always wanted to do something "different" with my life.  I've wanted to explore my creative side by taking classes, working on my craft without being tethered by teaching demands, and truely finding myself as an artist. I have to confess, it's scarey as hell!  I have never before leapt without a net.  I always knew what I needed to do next as a professional. I'm excited and terrified...I will keep you all posted :)