Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creative Partnerships

My husband is an amazing photographer. He
has already been published in Life Images magazine (Stampington and Company) and has created a couple of books using his own images. We have recently explored the idea of collaborating on some projects. I would like to create a calendar for my friends as a Christmas gift. Michael's photos alone would make a beautiful calendar, but I would like to combine my work with his. I have yet to come up with an exact plan, but am eager to start playing around with the idea. I thought maybe I would collage an image and then layer it onto a photo. I might want to do a transfer technique with the photos. I'm picturing the whole thing done on watercolor paper with each page 8x8 in size. There seem to be endless possibilities. If only I had a bottomless pit of time at my disposal!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anton Art Center

When I created this piece, I never thought of it as "Blood Curdling"! But, the Anton Art Center ( sent out a bulletin asking for entries into their new exhibit which is titled "Blood Bath City" . My husband (always looking for ways to promote my work) decided to enter what I had titled, "Good vs Evil: A Juxtaposition". He and my boys have always called it "bulletman" :) Whatever you'd like to call it, the people at the art center liked it and it is currently on exhibit there. It's always exciting to have my work on exhibit. Thank you Michael, for forcing the issue!