Friday, July 17, 2009

Stepping up to the challenge

Sometimes, people make assumptions about what artists can do. If one is the least bit creative, the assumption is that the sky's the limit as to our abilities! A young couple I know were married last weekend. When I asked if they needed help with anything, they immediately asked me to make signs for their outdoor wedding. The wedding took place at a historical farm and they wanted a rustic feel to the signs designed to lead guests in the right direction. And by the way, could you make it something that we could later hang in our garden? I was honored to be asked and humbled at the thought that they assumed I was up to the task! However....
I really stressed over the signs because they did not fall within my realm of artistic endeavors, and therefore beyond my comfort level. I find that when a challenge such as this is presented to me, I'm forced to think outside of my admitted strangely shaped box. I have to stretch myself and then become vulnerable to the reactions of others. In short, it's a very healthy exercise for me as an artist. I'm grateful for the challenge and I think the signs turned out pretty cool!
It was a beautiful wedding and all of the guests arrived without incidence in part due to my stressed out creativity!

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Veronica said...

see I think this sign is really cool. I bet they loved it