Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I spent the day preparing a variety of substrates for future projects. I find that if I have multiple surfaces prepared, I am more likely to accomplish something when my muse strikes. It sometimes takes so long to prepare an adequate surface, that I've lost the spark or the energy to complete whatever vision brought me to the table. I prepare my surfaces by covering them with a coat of gesso and then collage them with a variety of found papers. Once the papers have been smoothed down and allowed to dry, I do a light coating of dry paintbrush technique, again with the gesso. I go very lightly at this stage as I'm not sure what other colors I may want to add at a later date. The final step is to apply background stamps.
I like to let my substrates dry for a few days. Next I lay everything on the table and wait for inspiration. I literally can see the substrates from my perch in the family room and look over periodically throughout the evening imposing different visions on top of the surfaces. Sometimes my ideas hit hard and I complete a piece all at once. Other times the process comes in bits and pieces.
That's it! That's how the magic happens......

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Veronica said...

I have lost my muse this past week but today I found her for about two hours long enough to finish my poetry atc.
Now I have to find the cleaning muse to clean up my mess.