Monday, July 13, 2009

He fears the flight......

Our baby hawks are flying around the yard now. There are two of them. One seems more timid than the other. While the male plays on our grass, hops along the fence, and splashes in our fountain the female sits quietly on a tree limb above watching her brother take on the world.

The hawk baby actions remind me so much of human children. There are shy children, who watch from the sidelines, taking in all of the information generated by those more adventuresome and there are those who burst on the scene with no more thought of caution than of heeding their parents' warnings to be safe.

I'm always amazed at the way children feel free to just let out a bellow or a scream in public without any reservations! Wouldn't it feel great to just let it rip whenever you're that happy or sad or mad or frustrated or awed or just full of life? If you could go back in time, would you be the more reserved female sitting on the branch, or the rambunctious male jumping in with both feet? I know which one I would most likely be, and I know which one I would love to be...not always the same thing :)

PS when you get a chance, check out my web friend's blog:
we are currently engaging in an ATC swap and she is very talented!

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Veronica said...

oh you are too sweet...I just got done with the atc for poetry. I wanted to wait until I received this stand up ATC canvas that I bought from the internet to get here. I loved it!!!
So, your ATC will be going out in the mail tomorrow and now it is your turn to pick the topic!!!!!!
p.s. I love the rustic wedding sign.!!!!!!!