Friday, April 17, 2009

Time Not Well Spent

Have you ever had a day when God has granted you the time to create, your coffers are full of wonderful materials, the sun is shining, and the day holds the promise of endless artistic possibilities? And then, the worst happens, total creative disaster.
I had a day like that today. Everything I touched turned into a mess. I spilled gel medium on the floor, I had papers sticking to every surface possible, I knocked the paint jar off the table, and air bubbles attacked the paper I was trying to collage. After three hours of failed attempts, I gave up. I'm tempted to throw everything I did today into the fireplace.
Luckily, I'm too depressed to go in search of matches. So my mess will remain on the kitchen table until tomorrow. Maybe things will look better in the morning!
The piece pictured here was NOT a result of today's efforts :) This sunny collage consists of photos from my garden, cage fencing, tissue paper, stamping, wire, pastel chalk, and acrylic paint on a Masonite substrate.

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