Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring is Here!

I pulled weeds today!! Oh my gosh, what a wonderful feeling after a long difficult winter. My poor state is in such a bad way right now. If you don't live in Michigan, you can't imagine how hard this economic depression has been on all of us. To top it all off, we had a very rough winter. There was so much snow that it seemed as if we would never see sunshine again.
The problem with Michigan winters is that they aren't only cold and full of snow, but they are always gray. We see so little sunshine that it's easy to start feeling seriously depressed by mid-January. I think this feeling of being shrouded in a soft gray blanket for months on end is why my husband and I seek out color where ever we can find it. Whether it be in the facade of an old building, or in the colors of paint I use in my work, our souls seem to feed off of the energy that comes from color. That's why the sun we've been experiencing this week has had a profound effect on our serotonin levels!
I couldn't wait to get outside this morning when I woke to sunshine and 70 degree temps. As soon as I stepped off of the treadmill (kept in my garage and another reason that I hate the cold of winter!) and into the sunshine on my driveway my color starved eyes landed on the most beautiful little blue flowers that have bloomed in several of my flower beds! I don't know what they are called or when I planted them, but I am very grateful for their presence. After three hours of working in my flower beds, soaking up the sun, and walking on the treadmill, I am ready to get my errands done and approach my failed projects from yesterday with new determination and optimism. Hooray for sunshine!!

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