Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grace and Beauty

This is Meg (or rather Nutmeg Sungold Blue). Meg is twelve years old and an absolute delight to her family. As artists, my husband and I are always on the lookout for beauty through the camera lens, through the colors of my paints and papers, through our children's smiles, in the well crafted words of our favorite literature, through our gardens, in the flight of our resident hawks, and in the sunsets over Lake Michigan. We share a love of color, art, and nature. We make an effort to express that love in all of our creative endeavors.

Since becoming empty nesters, we have focused much of our attention and need for nurturing on Meg. We knew she was cute and cuddly. We're always calling her a "pretty girl". It wasn't until I saw this recent photo taken by my husband that I realized that Meg has grown into a graceful creature. There is a dignity visible in her, now, white face that took me by surprise. As we were busy raising our family these past twelve years, Meg was aging too. She was becoming a thing of beauty.

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