Monday, April 13, 2009

Echoes from the Past

Speaking of promises, I've been remiss in posting the calendar pages that are the result of a collaboration between my husband and I. I initially thought I would begin each month with a blog entry that included the page for that month.

Well, I believe I successfully completed my mission in December and January Then, like most of my diets, the mission began to fail! And, as with most of my diet attempts, I am here to try again.

The page for April consists of a background photograph taken in Calumet, Michigan. We are always fascinated with the texture and color of older building facades. I am particularly drawn to those walls covered in metallic material with a turquoise, teal hue. The town of Calumet was hit hard when the copper mines in Northern Michigan were closed. As a result, there are many abandoned buildings in various states of disrepair. Not so great for the town, excellent photographic opportunities. The town is attempting a comeback by becoming a micro art colony. There are a couple of wonderful galleries there paired with a quality gift shop.

The image framed by the window is a vintage photo altered in Photoshop. I love the haunted quality of this page. The past looking out towards the future.

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