Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beauty Denied Strikes a Chord!

Well Glory Be! My little project titled "Beauty Denied" won Honorable Mention in the industrial category at the Orion Center Art Show. If you haven't been to the Orion Center (, it's well worth the trip to Lake Orion. The people there are wonderful, warm, and talented. They make you feel immediately at home. I enjoyed being a part of their show.

The show runs from now until June. There were many mixed media pieces there including metal welding, collage, assemblages, and sculpture. The theme of the show is recycling trash to treasures. My "Beauty Denied" gals were assembled with flea market "Barbie" dolls, rags, cheesecloth, used corks, and milking machine parts. I picked up some wonderful cone shaped disks last summer at a flea market. I didn't know what they were but I knew I would use them one day. It turned out that they are part of a vintage milking machine. Considering the appearance of the cones, I hesitate to think about how they were actually used on the poor cows! They do, however, make perfect stands for my gals.

I picked up a bag full of used "Barbie" dolls last fall for a dollar a piece. I have had lots of ideas as to what I want to do with them. Finding the time to execute those ideas has been problematic. I'm glad I was able to create the two that evolved into "Beauty Denied". Little did I know at the time (I created them in January) that they would lead me to Lake Orion. Time to push through on my other ideas..........

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