Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty Denied

I discovered the most charming little art gallery today in Lake Orion. The gallery (Orion Art Center) is sponsoring an exhibit beginning next week which focuses on re purposing and recycling materials into art work. As most of my work consists of found and discarded objects, I knew this was a show I needed to enter! The folks at the center were very welcoming and seemed happy to receive my work.

I always get nervous showing my things to strangers. It is especially difficult to show those pieces that I am most proud of. Art that has drawn me out of my box, caused me to push my boundaries is work that is very personal to me. Of course, that makes me more vulnerable to outside scrutiny. "Beauty Denied" is such a piece. It was gratifying to receive the positive response that I did from the ladies at the gallery.

This assemblage consists of discarded Barbie dolls, rags, milking machine parts, cork, wire, vintage Bible text, beads and cheesecloth.

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