Saturday, August 30, 2008

Souls Taking Flight

I began this project a year ago. As with many things, it started with one mini shrine and blossomed into many. The shrines were displayed at one of my favorite stores
for a time and I've promised to do a workshop on them at some point.
My mom's struggle with cancer led me to think about the transience of life. We spend years building lives, homes, families...etc. when we die- does it all disappear or do our souls simply take flight?
Each shrine contains a picture of a family member whose soul has already taken flight. The shrine above represents my Grandma Maria. Her soul took flight in 1961.
PS Found is a wonderful store located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The owner stocks Found with lots of yummy vintage ephemera, objects, fabrics, and findings. She also carries original works of art, whimsical decor items, and handmade jewelry. For the past two years, Found has sponsored a workshop led by Sally Jean of soldering fame. It's a favorite place!

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Veronica said...

oh no wait this is my favorite.... oh it is so hard to pick just one