Sunday, September 7, 2008

pride and arrogance

I have breakfast with my father every Sunday. This practice began right after my mother died. Dad and I had a pretty rocky relationship for about 51 years. I'm 52. My husband once asked me why I bother to continue to see my dad and take care of his needs. I often wonder myself. But, I never questioned that it was what I would do.

As a teenager, I fantasized about walking away from him and never looking back. As an adult, I realize that we do what needs to be done. What kind of an example would I be setting for my children if I left him alone to fend for himself?

Family, right or wrong, is what's important in life. Family sticks together. A friend is fond of saying, "blood is thicker than stupidity". I love that saying! I have to admit, that adult or not, sometimes that saying goes through my mind when eating my Sunday eggs with Dad! The piece included here, is of my Dad as a child. His stance is so full of pride and arrogance, it's at once amusing and foretelling of the future....

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okay so maybe this is my favorite.