Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Revisiting old techniques...

August 12, 2008
I've been in a creative rut recently. It always happens this way. When I have ample time on my hands to create, I find myself with few ideas. The creative juices start to flow as soon as my life becomes crazy, hectic, and daily schedules are stretched to their limits. I may have broken the pattern today though.
While sitting in a colleague's office, I glanced over at a collage I had given her for Christmas. The piece involved a vintage photo, acrylic paints, ephemera, handmade paper, and fabric. I had been experimenting with sewing material to watercolor paper that had been collaged with layers of paint and various papers (similar to the piece in picture above). After that piece and the one above, I moved on to other more familiar techniques and found myself eventually landing in my current rut.
Today, during what seemed like an endless meeting with questionable outcomes, I found inspiration in an old piece. The good news? I still have a little bit of time left before life gets out of control again! That's progress!

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