Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's old is new?

I received a phone call today asking me to create some Santas for a fund raiser in Wisconsin.  The fund raiser is to support women and children in need.  The Santas being requested are something that I made years ago when I use to do the craft show circuit.  The Santas consist of fabric, found objects and used mink coats.  The mink part creeps me out a little because I have always been active in animal rights issues.  But, the reality is that the coats already exist and this way they are becoming something useful rather than entering a landfill. 

I really thought the Santas were behind me, but this is for a good cause and my fledgling business really can't be fussy at this point can it?  Who knows, maybe I can put a new altered twist on it, maybe some vintage text.... or rusted metal...hmmmmm

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