Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Idea is Born

I recently viewed Diana Evans, www.dianaevans.blogspot.com response to IMT's theme of pears. She has a wonderful, unique style of painting that includes the look of stitches. Her painting of a pear included a light bulb shape within the pear itself.

Diana's painting reminded me of a piece I completed last summer that usually sits in my office at work. The piece is called An Idea is Born. The piece includes an old cigar box, a used paintbrush, aged copper, a handwoven bird's nest, old papers, an antique light bulb, and a purchased bird.
What began as a typical morning of laying eggs, became quite a surprise for our little mama bird. As her egg grew and grew, she realized that this particular contribution to the nature of things most likely qualified her to wear the title of "Queen Mother".......thus, the crown!

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soulbrush said...

what a wonderful way to recycle.

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