Friday, January 2, 2009

the little things

If there has been one theme that has run through my holiday season this year, it has been to take pleasure in the little things. A completed piece of art, a favorite old song, the way the sun glints off the snow on a freezing cold morning, the company of friends, the uncompromising love offered up by the family pet, the familiarity of an old movie watched many times, the random but insightful conversations with my kids, contact from a rarely seen relative, the smell of my son's cologne as he leaves for an important date, the freedom to stay up late and read a book without worrying about an early alarm clock going off are all things that have brought a smile to my face this past two weeks.
In a few days my son will return to school, I will return to work, my oldest will return to coaching, and my husband will resume his 80 mile a day drive back and forth from his office. My art supplies will come out with less frequency and conversations with my children will be reduced to brief tired exchanges on the way home from class. My husband and I will grunt at each other over thrown together dinners and each day will bring the thought of, "how many more days until the weekend?"
For now though, I will continue to look for those small pleasures and enjoy each moment. My resolution this year will not be the usual, "I need to lose weight," or "I resolve to give up Diet Coke (because that's just crazy!)". This year, I will resolve to try to look for those little things throughout the week that bring me comfort and contentment. There's no sense in waiting until the next vacation to enjoy life!

PS The snowmen above are a little more on the cutesy side than I usually go with my collage, but these definitely brought a smile to my face!!

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