Monday, January 26, 2009

Life in a Box

Someone at work told me today that she sees life as one long generational line climbing the stairs of a diving board. The oldest generation reaches the board and eventually jumps off (or gets pushed by fate) thus allowing the next generation in line to move up the steps.

I thought it was a pretty descriptive metaphor, but I'd rather look at life as an on-going collection of events, thoughts, hopes, relationships, accomplishments and dreams. On more fanciful days, I think of all of those components of life as being stored in a beautifully appointed box. From time to time, we get to pull the memories out of the box to savor, enjoy, cry over, and examine them.

The various thoughts and events in the box may become fuzzy or distorted over time. Sometimes we might even subject them to a rewrite to make us more comfortable in our own skin. The bottom line is, they're mine alone and they make up the person that is me.

I heard from a very old (as in longevity not age) friend today and that allowed me to take a whole bouquet of memories out of my box to giggle and reminisce over. Thanks for the chance to look inside today Donna!

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