Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter glitter

The snow looks so beautiful outside my windows. I realized this morning that my obsession with glitter doesn't have to end with the holidays! If you look carefully at the snow, in just the right light, there is glitter covering my patio in the form of ice crystals! I'm not a huge winter fan, but I can certainly appreciate its beauty from the safe warm setting of my family room couch.

My husband and I were just commenting on being in a good place in our lives right now. Our sons are doing well, we have a good home, family and friends to keep us warm, and fairly secure jobs to keep us fed. Of course the economy is bad, the country is at war, and Michigan is facing tough times. But right here, right now the sun is shining, the furnace is working and the snow is beautiful.

Come Monday morning though, you can be sure that I will be snarling about the snow covered roads on my way to work!

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Veronica said...

Wow, this just took my breath away. I really love this piece. Great JOB