Saturday, November 22, 2008

Necessity is the mother of....

Wow, it's been almost exactly one month since my last entry. A great deal has happened since then. Where to start? I have fallen down twice this month. The second fall was five days after the first! Results: Torn rotator cuff, bruised leg, and broken foot which required surgery.... I am now grounded until January though I plan to talk the doc into letting me go back to work sooner.

The up side is that I have had some unexpected creative time to work on some holiday projects. If it doesn't require standing, I can do it! I do tire easily though so some of the artful decisions I've made this season have been based on what I feel I can accomplish without exhausting myself. Not usually a "techy", I have had to depend upon technology a lot this past two weeks. All of the usual holiday running I do has been curtailed by my broken foot! I've done most of my Christmas shopping on the web. I've even ordered most of my art supplies for the gifts I'm making, on the web.

In addition, I decided to make three Christmas card prototypes and then print my cards from those images. This is a huge change for me! I always make each card by hand and then foolishly decorate the envelopes! My husband was a big help with printing the cards and they turned out pretty great. As always happens, once I used this medium for my art, I started to think about other things I could do utilizing the computer for more than scanning images or making copies.

Michael and I are also working hard on those calendars that I wrote about way back in October...BEFORE I BROKE MY FOOT!!

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