Wednesday, November 26, 2008

all that glitters

My work tends to lean towards vintage, neutral colors, sepia tones, and worn images. This is true for most of the year. Around the holidays, however, I'm all about the glitter! I love the vintage glass German glitter available through and the diamond dust I purchase through Michael's.

I use glitter on everything. Vintage ornaments, Christmas cards, holiday decorations all come to life with glitter. It becomes embedded in my carpet, my hair, and in the crevices of my desk. I don't dare look too closely at my Thanksgiving pie crusts as I fear there may be some glitter that found it's way in there too....... Glitter mimics the best part of snow, the pristine, sparkly, icy beauty of it early in the morning just before people muck it up with cars and salt and clunky boot prints.

Ellen DeGeneres has taken a public stand against glitter. She hates the way it gets into everything and has even asked Barack Obama to pass a law banning it! ( I think he may have one or two things to tend to before tackling the glitter initiative though.) I'm a big Ellen fan and may just sympathize with her from January through October. When it comes to November and December though, bring it on! I sincerely hope President Obama doesn't pursue Ellen's request. I would feel quite bereft without glitter at this time of year.

Come January, it's back to more subdued art work. For now though, let the glitter sparkle!

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dinosauRN said...

Great blog, Patti. You're witty and creative and I'll be following your site...