Monday, June 13, 2011

The Social Network at it's best.............

I have mixed feelings about the social network. 

On the one hand, you hear wonderful stories about its potential to empower people who may not have a voice under different circumstances.  Take for example the recent situation with Delta airlines and returning military soldiers (who were charged a ridiculous amount of money for bringing four bags home from their deployment instead of three), or the stories that come out of repressed regimes where ordinary citizens have been given the opportunity to unite against an unfair system of government. Closer to home, there are everyday stories of friends and relatives who have been reconnected after years of separation through the magic of YouTube and Facebook.  
On the other hand, we know of several government officials who most likely regret exposing their private lives to a world wide network standing in the wings ready to exploit any sign of weakness or fragility. (What were they thinking?)  

Does the social network merely add to the continuing erosion of our privacy and civil liberties?  Or is it a useful tool designed to connect an ever shrinking society?  I suspect, that like many things that at first seem too good to be true, it's a little bit of both. 

I know I certainly continue to use it to promote this blog, Artful Musings and my business, Legacy Mixed Media.  The above piece pays homage to a simpler time when social networking actually referred to people speaking with one another...face to face............

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Veronica said...

Finally I can POST
I had to get google chrome to post.
Love the background and your doll is totally done I just have to mail it. tomorrow I am planning and praying on time to run to the post office. she is in a box ready to go. Thank goodness a lot of this is OVER for us.
Still has the biopsy to do but ...... at least it isn't bone cancer.
how are you how have you been?