Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Hail.........

From Buckingham Palace, to a street corner in the projects everyone wants their own little piece of the world...their own little fiefdom.  Maybe it's because life so often feels completely out of control.  I sometimes wake up wondering just what the day has in store for me.  

To quote my favorite book of the month, "who is in charge and do they love me?" Will my experiences today be positive or negative ones?  Where will I find myself at the end of the day?  WILL I find myself at the end of the day? The unexpectedness of it all is, of course, what makes life worthwhile.

Who wants to know exactly what will happen each day.  Humans like an air of mystery.  We like surprises too...well some surprises :)  A steady diet, however, of unpredictability can wear a body down.

Once more, I'm calling for some middle of the road time.  A few predictable days a week would be nice.  A calm ordinary day without surprises would be welcome. A day in which I am totally in charge of what happens to me and mine would be outstanding.  A small piece of the world for however brief a time where I could stand tall and proudly proclaim that at this moment and at this time I am the Queen of my existence would be freaking amazing.  All Hail Queen Patti.....................

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