Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bearer of Wisdom........

"With age comes wisdom", isn't that what they say?  Well,  I keep getting older, but I sure don't feel any wiser!  There are days, in fact, when I'm sure my brain cells are shrinking rather than swelling with wisdom. One thing is certain, though.  I find myself thinking about those things that as a young mother I didn't have the time to ponder.  I'm more introspective now that I've retired.  I think about my family, my friends, and those things in life that are worth dwelling on.  I also spend less time worrying about the minutia of daily living. 

It all started with a revelation my friend Nancy shared with me after I retired.  She informed me that she doesn't shower every single day!   You see, after two months of freedom from work, I was still getting up every morning to shower and do my hair!#@! Not shower?? What a concept!   

Once I contemplated that idea, I moved on to other "truths" I had adhered to over the years.  This is what I came up with:   The floors don't have to be clean enough to eat off of (that's what plates are for), the dusting can be done in preparation for company - not every flipping week, and the only person who will be annoyed if the bed isn't made every day is me...and I don't care anymore! 

Hey, maybe that's what they mean by "wisdom comes with age"!  Maybe wisdom doesn't have to be on the same level as developing the theory of relativity.....maybe it's just the wisdom to leave the damn bed unmade from time to that case, I'm golden!!!  The above collage is dedicated to Nancy for opening my eyes ...............

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