Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life is what happens.......

About three weeks ago, I posted a story about my brand new studio and the fact that its creation  helped me with the process of becoming an empty nester. Well, as John Lennon once said, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. 

After going to a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister-in-law last night, my husband and I came home to a house fire.  I don't have to tell you what a traumatic experience that was.  The good news is that the fire was contained within my studio and that the rest of the house suffered smoke and heat damage only.  The bad news is that the fire was contained within my studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I no longer have a studio as that room was completely destroyed and is down to the studs in most places. 

I know there are many blessings.  Had we stayed for dessert, the whole top floor would have been destroyed along with my two doggies. Had the faulty extension cord (that has resided in that room for at least five years) decided to short out five weeks ago, my son would still have been sleeping in it as it had been his bedroom.  Had we been in the house instead of at a restaurant, the cord could have shorted out while we were in bed and caused us to die of smoke inhalation. 

All of those things matter a great deal and we are profoundly grateful for the powers that be upon whose intervention we owe a debt of thanks. 

 Add that to the fact that we are not allowed to live in our home for the unforeseeable future and I am now a homeless out of work artist with no art supplies, a sore throat (had to rescue the dogs didn't I?), burning eyes, and a burned out space that used to be my beautiful was great while it lasted (three whole weeks) and it will someday rise again in  (oops, I almost said a "blaze" of glory)...a show of triumph!.....or maybe life has something else in mind...

PS  Laptop is a molten heap, can only post if someone lends me their computer, hope to speak with you again soon


gemma said...

Sending you best wishes for the aftermath of your burned studio.
Amazingly you were able to find the blessings within it.Wishing an even better studio will come your way!

creativedawn said...

Prayers, and well wishes; good vibes and positive thoughts coming your way. Your next studio will be even the mighty Phoenix...rising out of the ashes! More brilliant; more beautiful than before!!! Oh did you think I was talking about your you! You will be persevere and be better than ever. God bless you!

donna said...

How traumatic! We had a fire once but it was contained quickly. The whole thing of sirens and flames and fear can stick in the body a long time. It is wonderful that no one was hurt but I am sorry you lost your new studio. Hugs..Donna