Friday, September 3, 2010

For my friend.....

I recently wrote about my swap friend Veronica. I described the crown that I had created for our newest swap.

Just as I finished the crown, I received an email from Veronica. She was in the middle of boarding up her store and evacuating from her NC coastal home due to the impending hurricane. On top of all of that, her husband is now facing possible health issues. I've never met Veronica but I know her to be courageous and loving, generous and kind. All of my thoughts and prayers are with her right now. If you have a chance, please send a prayer her way. Thank you!

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Veronica said...

you are so amazing..... my eyes are full of tears and I mean full of tears not only for you and your fire but this post. you are such a dear sweet sweet friend. in case you can't get to email I sent you an email asking what supplies you need? I have a group of wonderful ladies and we would all love to help you get that studio back and fast. artists are a special breed and we want to help. love and hugs Veronica