Sunday, December 28, 2008

Collaboration update

A few weeks ago I wrote about a collaborative project my husband and I were about to take on. Michael is a photographer, among other things, and I collage. We wanted to make a calendar this year for our friends and family that combined our efforts. I wasn't sure about the whole collaboration thing, because we don't always see eye to eye on things. Even in college, when I would type his term papers for him we would argue about semantics. Arguing is the foundation of our relationship!

Back to the calendar. I could see the finished project in my head and I knew that I would need Michael's extensive talent as a photographer and Photo Shop whiz to bring it to life. The final result was worth the effort, and we really didn't argue all that much. My vision was to use his contemporary color photos of nature as the backdrop for my collection of antique images. I wanted to depict people from the past looking out of a window into the future. We worked together this summer to find windows in northern Michigan that would fit well into our project. We then chose the nature images in Michael's collection that would work with the windows and finally matched everything up with my antique photos.

The theme of our final project was, "Windows on the past, memories of the present, hope for the future". I adopted "Hope" as my overall theme this Christmas for all of my holiday projects. I feel that hope is what the residents of Michigan need right now in these difficult economic times and hope is what our president elect Barack Obama represents. Without it, I'm not sure what will happen to Michigan. It was fitting therefore to use pictures of our beautiful State to bring across my holiday message.

I will post images from the calendar from time to time and am going to start with December. My oldest son turns 25 today and this page is dedicated to him!

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