Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is Good..................i hope

I created this piece just a month ago when "life was truly good".  My art life was beginning to pick up, I was expanding my network of art friends, and my volunteerism was settling into a nice routine.  Goodness, things have a way of blindsiding you when you least expect it.

That's not true, I always expect life to throw curves my way and I still get blindsided when it happens!  Hmmmm...what does that say about me?  That I'm a hopeless optimist? Even now, with this nasty diagnosis hanging over my head, I'm filling out art show applications, planning for my winter shows, and generally thinking about the future.

Part of me has many moments of fear throughout the the day, but part of me wants to believe that I will get through this, that I will see my future grandchildren, that I will grow old with my husband, and that I will have the chance to live an artful life....................

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