Monday, April 16, 2012

The Joys of Swapping!

I have a friend in Virginia Beach that I have never met!  Veronica and I found each other through Blog Spot several years ago and have been art swapping buddies ever since.  We take turns setting a theme for the swap and then we give each other a couple of months to complete the challenge.  As artists, we have very different styles and yet we both come from a strong love of mixed media.  I learn so much from Veronica and the things she sends me.  

Her art is bright, lively, cheerful and generous.  I take something away from each and every piece.   In addition to sending me  awesome art pieces, Veronica is a supportive friend who is always willing to offer an ear when needed.

 I love swapping with my internet buddy and am grateful for the trick of fate that brought us together.
Thank you Veronica!!

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