Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the garden...........

One of my favorite things about this medium (assemblage) is the journey.  I love walking around my garage, my garden, or my art room looking at all of the bits and pieces that I (along with my family and friends) have collected with an eye towards putting them to use in a future project. On days when I am very lucky, something will jump out at me (though I may have passed it many times before without a similar reaction) and I will know exactly what to do with it.

I have often heard people refer to their "muse".  I'm not sure what that means, but I will say that something definitely comes over me when I look at a piece of discarded metal or a block of wood and realize that it is the "perfect" fit for the piece I am working on at the time.  Is that what a "muse" is?  

My brother recently told me that he can't figure out how I come up with my ideas.  He loves my work but having come from the same gene pool is at a loss as to where I get my inspiration from. I can only pray that it continues to guide me as I love what I do and would be bereft if the "muse" ever left for good.  The above piece, "In the Garden" is assembled with broken garden fixtures, vintage door handles, exotic wood, flea market doll head, old faucet handles, and found wire.
PS  I will be showing my work at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale this weekend!

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