Friday, January 22, 2010

Michigan Annual Art Exhibit

I was truly humbled to be in the company of such beautiful art work! There is a wide variety
of mediums including mixed media, assemblage, digital art, sculpture, watercolor, oil, photography, and clay. Each piece was original and thought provoking. People said very nice things about my piece and there was a decent amount of interest.
Pet peeve: two ladies were enjoying looking at my work and in the process set a cup full of red fruit punch right on the pedestal with my ladies! One of them then proceeded to man-handle my work! Seriously?? Maybe they thought they had gone to the hands-on museum rather than an art gallery :)

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Veronica said...

I am laughing so hard from your comment on the gel in your hair. I am still picking off glue and fibers stuck to mine. Now I have to find a box big enough to ship this off to you. I am adding some supplies just in case something falls off or gets schmoosed on it's way to you. woo hoo this was fun